Often overshadowed by its larger sister island and with a population of under 2,000 people, the 62 square miles of Barbuda form one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and peaceful islands in the Caribbean. Its unique charm and personality offer an idyllic escape for those seeking serenity, seclusion and a genuine connection with nature.

Twenty-seven miles northeast of Antigua, Barbuda boasts some of the most untouched and breathtaking beaches in the entire Caribbean region, with miles of powdery pink and white sand caressed by crystal-clear turquoise waters and a fabulous barrier reef. The island’s beauty has attracted visitors, including the late Princess Diana of Wales. The islanders even named a beach after her in memory of her love for the island, where she was able to find the seclusion and privacy she craved.

Beyond its stunning beaches, Barbuda is home to an incredible array of wildlife and natural wonders. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary, the largest in the Western hemisphere, lures bird enthusiasts from around the globe to marvel at the acrobatics carried out by the incredible frigate birds and the other 150-odd species who have made the sanctuary home.

Darby’s Cave is a captivating natural wonder and, although its name suggests otherwise, is, in fact, a sinkhole which contains stalactite formations, hidden chambers, mesmerising underground streams and even petroglyph drawings left by Arawak Indians.

Barbuda offers exceptional snorkelling and diving experiences on its magnificent barrier reef, while surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts can enjoy the excellent conditions. A visit to Barbuda during season would be incomplete without indulging in a dish of the delicious spiny lobster, freshly harvested from the sea.

While the high-end developments underway on Barbuda may bring some changes to the landscape, they, along with the upcoming opening of the new airport in late 2023, will open doors for an even larger number of visitors to experience the island’s beauty.