Chairman's 10th Anniversary Address

We’ve Come This Far by Faith, the now famous hymn published in 1956 by Albert Goodson, is a song made popular because of its relevance to the realities of the human experience on an individual and a collective basis. The author takes the listener on a reflective journey, bringing into focus prior achievements and failures and posits a posture of resilience and defiance against regression made possible only by faith. At this particular juncture in our history, our company, James & Maginley, shares a deep connection with the views expressed by Mr. Goodson.

Our company was started by founders E. Casroy James and Kirthley Maginley back in July 2013 out of the idea that collective talents and experiences can be harnessed and brought to bear for the benefit of the community that we serve. The avenue used to facilitate the objective was the newly formed Citizenship by Investment Programme, in an industry that was still in its embryonic stage at the time. With little to no reference point and low visibility in this burgeoning citizenship-based investment industry, James & Maginley was able to cement itself as a key player within Antigua & Barbuda.

Over the past ten years, we have generated well over EC$150,000,000 in revenue for the nation of Antigua & Barbuda and have assisted thousands of individuals in legally obtaining citizenship of the twin islands.

Cognizant of our social responsibility, the principles established the James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation. The foundation is funded from the earnings of James & Maginley and also like-minded investors desirous of contributing to the socio-economic development of Antigua & Barbuda and our neighbouring countries. During the past ten years, we have made contributions in excess of EC$1,000,000 to various charitable undertakings. These donations are wide and varied, ranging from disaster relief in Barbuda and Dominica following hurricanes Irma and Maria, respectively, in 2017, to human developmental programmes, such as those administered by Gilbert Agriculture and Rural Development Centre and other socially responsible non-governmental organisations and individuals. We must say a sincere thank you to our partners who have assisted us in making these valuable contributions to our community.

To be a leading service provider, to the world, for investment-based citizenship to the Eastern Caribbean.

As James & Maginley turns ten, we would like to thank our staff, some of whom would have been with us from the start, whilst others would have joined along the way, but all of whom, notwithstanding, sharing the same passion, to ensure that we stay true to the corporate vision: to be a leading service provider, to the world, for investment-based citizenship to the Eastern Caribbean.

We say thank you to all our stakeholders, including our fellow colleagues and service providers around the world, our direct clients, the Citizenship by Investment Unit, our financial service providers and the government and people of Antigua & Barbuda.