Who can apply for citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda? -

You must be at least 18 years old, demonstrate good character with no criminal record, and be in good health.

Who can I include in the application? -

You can include your spouse, dependent children aged 30 and under (as well as their children and spouses), parents, in-laws and grandparents aged 55 and above, as well as your unmarried siblings, regardless of age. You can add further dependents once your citizenship has been granted.

Do I need to visit Antigua during the application process? -

No, you don’t.

Do I need to live in Antigua & Barbuda once I am a citizen? -

No, you don’t. But some people may decide that living in paradise is for them, and you will be made more than welcome.

How long does the process for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship take? -

The approval process usually takes between three and four months.

Do I need to be fluent in English to apply? -

No, you don’t need to speak English to apply for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship.

Will I need to renounce my current citizenship? -

Antigua & Barbuda does not impose any limitations on dual citizenship, but you should check the laws of your current home country to see if it is permitted.

Do I need any specific educational or employment experience? -

No, there isn’t any mandatory educational or management experience required.

How long will my passport be valid? -

The passport is valid for five years and will be renewed every ten years thereafter as long you spend at least five days in the country during the initial five-year period.

Once I become a citizen through the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Programme, do I have the same rights as those born there? -

Yes, you have the same rights as all citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, whether you are a new citizen or were born in the country.

How long can I visit the UK with an Antigua & Barbuda passport? -

You can visit the UK for up to six months visa-free for tourism, business conferences or visiting family and friends.

How long can I visit the Schengen countries? -

You can visit Schengen countries, including Switzerland, visa-free for up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

Can anyone buy real estate in Antigua & Barbuda? -

Usually, foreign nationals require a non-citizen’s landholding licence. However, no licence is needed if applying for citizenship through the real estate option of the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme.

What are the potential returns from property investment in Antigua & Barbuda? -

The expected return would be between two and four percent.

How do I apply for citizenship? -

Contact us for a free consultation, and James & Maginley will take care of your every need throughout the process.