As a major transportation hub in the region, Antigua & Barbuda boasts a well-connected network with daily flights to and from principal business centres in North America,such as Miami, New York, Atlanta and Toronto, as well as London.

The island’s V.C. Bird International Airport has been renovated in recent years,making it the largest in the Leeward Islands,capable of handling up to two million passengers annually and is a recent winner of the Best Airport in the Caribbean.

Antigua has one of the best natural harbours in the region. And to further enhance its logistical capabilities, a multimillion-dollar port modernisation has also been undertaken on its deep-water cargo port, helping the island’s goal to become an Eastern Caribbean transhipment hub.

The cruise terminal port has also undergone a US$30 million transformation, which has provided a fifth berth allowing the port to accommodate the world’s largest cruise liners and increasing the overall capacity to 1,000,000 passengers per year. With portside improvements complete, upgrades are being made to the landside, with the construction of shops, restaurants and cafés followed by a casino and swimming pool in the second phase.

In an increasingly connected world, Antigua & Barbuda ensures that residents and visitors can access a modern telecommunications infrastructure. The country boasts a comprehensive mobile network coverage, allowing seamless communication across the islands. High-speed internet connectivity is readily available, catering to the needs of businesses, digital nomads, and those living or visiting the twin islands.