Jascime Baltimore, BS.

Accounting & Finance Officer

An avid self-starter, Jascime prides herself on self and career development, believing that one should not go through life but grow through life.

Shortly after graduating with an associates degree from Antigua State College, Jascime’s potential in business management landed her a job with James & Maginley. In her early years at the company, she served as a client associate, sharpening her skills in the company’s operations.
Through her desire for continued self-development, Jascime acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Human Resources Management with Honors, having graduated top of her class and the recipient of the school’s Dean Award.

During her tenure with James & Maginley, Jascime also gained certifications in team leadership and training, Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks. Her sharp wit, team spirit and excellent work ethic quickly advanced her to the current position of Accounting & Finance Officer.

Outside of the office, Jascime is an active volunteer within her local community, feeling a sense of fulfilment when she helps others. She has been a member of a non-profit organisation for many years, which has allowed her to positively impact the lives of many youths and children within her community.