Antigua & Barbuda offers a laid-back and vibrant lifestyle that reflects a unique blend of Caribbean charm, island living and cosmopolitan culture.

The islands’ warm, tropical climate is mirrored in the warmth of the local people, who are happy to share their wonderful islands with visitors and residents from across the globe. As people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds flock to the twin islands, a harmonious blend of cultures has taken shape.

The island’s constant trade winds work as nature’s air conditioning, meaning a cooling breeze is always on hand, which is great when you are out in the hot sun or for sailing enthusiasts who can enjoy some of the best sailing conditions in the Caribbean, if not the world.

Indeed this fabulous climate, together with the breathtaking nature, is conducive to a healthy outdoor lifestyle. What better than after a day’s work or school to cool off at one of Antigua’s 365 beaches sparkling waters? Or eat dinner at a world-class restaurant or a local delicacy at a local beach bar with friends or family? And with a whole range of sporting activities both on land and sea, including golf, tennis, hiking, cricket, diving, kitesurfing and sailing, keeping fit has never been easier or more attractive. It is easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the range of succulent fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile soil and delicious seafood plucked straight from the crystalline Caribbean Sea.