James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation

When Mr Kirthley Maginley and Mr Casroy E James co-founded James & Maginley in 2013, their passion was evident: not only did they aim to offer exceptional services for new potential citizens to their beloved home country of Antigua & Barbuda, but they were also committed to giving back and empowering the community – especially the most vulnerable members of society.

In 2016, driven by their desire to assist those in need, the founders established the James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation, allocating 10 percent of the company’s profits to channel into their charitable endeavours every year. Since its inception, the Foundation has made a significant impact, touching the lives of countless individuals in the twin islands and beyond. From extending support to special needs children at the Friends of the Care Project to providing crucial financial aid to Barbuda, Antigua and Dominica in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Irma in 2017, the charity is at the core of all that James & Maginley does.

Both founders are no strangers to charitable work, coming from staunchly Methodist backgrounds where giving back is a way of life and an ingrained philosophy. Mr Maginley, in addition to being well known for his contribution to the netball and cricket teams on the island, has served on the Board of Directors of the GARD Center for over 20 years, a role that has become pivotal in both his personal life and the company’s charitable foundation.

Indeed, the GARD Center is at the very heart of the James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation. It strives to assist and empower young men and women by providing them with life skills and training in agriculture, entrepreneurship and technical vocation skills. Messrs Maginley and James take enormous pride in observing the young people who go on to start their own businesses and whose lives have been transformed by the GARD Center, thanks to the contribution of their Foundation. And although they are the driving force behind all the company’s charitable endeavours, the entire staff at James & Maginley shares their passion for giving back to the community.

As James & Maginley continues transforming the lives of those who choose to become new citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, the Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of assisting and empowering individuals in need. With great anticipation, and above all, passion, the founders look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of many more people in the coming years.

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